About us

Phoxi Friends Camera Lens Wraps are a line of cute photography tools designed for those who shoot portraits of kids. Each eye-catching creature features a long tail and the ability to wrap, extend, and squeak. Our patented camera lens wraps are different and improved from any other camera lens wrap or lens buddy on the market. 

Phoxi Friends are also known as camera buddies, camera buddy, lens friends, shutter toys, camera toys, shutter huggers, lens hugger, camera lens wrap.

Phoxi Friends are designed to help you capture a child’s attention without having to waste your energy singing, dancing, waving your hands, and making strange noises. They also give you the ability to tickle kids without have to physically touch the kids. Some kids are really shy and this a great tool to help. The product helps photographers and parents  engage and connect with the kids and help keep their attention.

Our patented design has a stuffed toy with a built-in squeaker on one end, and on the other is a flexible tail that can wrap around any camera lens you use. In addition to mounting it to the front of your camera, you can also extend the toy to interactively use it with your off hand.

Kids do have a short attention span, so switch it up and put on another Phoxi friend around your lens to keep the smiles coming :)

Phoxi Tog from Marie Murray on Vimeo.


  • Assist you when you don't have an assistant
  • Stimulates visually
  • Stimulates audibly with built in squeaker toy
  • Stimulates physically - extends out to interact with kids
  • Completely adjustable to fit any lens
  • Multifunctional  -  can be wrapped around camera strap, hand, hat anywhere for that matter.
  • They're cute, bright, bold and perfect for developmental stage, animals are recognizable 
  • They're affordable and a must have tool for anyone taking pictures of kids that owns a DSLR
  • Innovative design that has everything that current products don't have
  • Keeps kids looking in the right direction towards the lens.
  • When shooting above a child, extends out to tickle the kids or let the kids give the Phoxi Friend a squeak.
  • We're photographers, so we understand what the photographer in us needs to get the child's attention.
  • This works for pets too!
  • Dogs love the squeaker!
  • You will receive the best customer service, EVER!


This product is designed for a photography tool and not a children's toy.